September 28, 2017

Here at Toy Room we are always on the look out for toys that stimulate the mind and get those fine motor skills in tip-top shape – and we came across this fabulous range by the toy experts, Tolo. Let us introduce you to a world of fun, the First Friends range.

In the toy game since 1985, Tolo offers toys which provide excellent educational benefits for your little one throughout their formative years. All of the Tolo toys are designed with safety and durability as a main focus. With the First Friends range, only one First Friend needs to be purchased and then you can easily set up a whole world around that First Friend toy! The possibilities are endless!

First Friends are quite simply a super cute, happy little bunch of people, vehicles and animals (even prehistoric ones!) – all just doing “their thing”. Whether that’s a paramedic driving an Ambulance around to rescue someone in distress, or a very hungry Tiger on the prowl ready to catch his next meal.

All of the people and animals have their own fun, clicking moving body parts and some even have squeaky tummies... and there’s also fun, retractable wheels on most of the vehicles. Hold on, that’s not all! Some vehicles even have flashing lights and honking horns (much to every kid’s delight!).

The First Friends range made us do a double take because it encourages imaginative play in so many ways! How...? We hear you ask. Well, the range is so varied; you can actually make your own little world of First Friends. How about you start off with a world of prehistoric fun!? Collect the Brontosaurus and all of the other dinosaurs and together with the Cave Boy and Cave Girl you can all discover a land before time.

Next up, let’s make our own Stable complete with your own Pony! The stable even has room to add other farm animals to keep the Pony company while your little ones aren't around.

Use your imagination in any way you can, there are so many options to get your little one’s creative minds going.

With Tolo – the world is your oyster, let your imagination run free and let’s see how creative YOUR world will be with the First Friends range. Make sure you head over to the Tolo page now to select your favourite First Friends and start your collection today!

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